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The innovative concept of modular industrial plant construction has compelling advantages over conventional industrial plant construction. Normally, large-scale industrial systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are installed on-site. All system components (steel structures, apparatus, piping material, instruments, control elements etc.) are delivered to the construction site and assembled there by technicians and specialists to create a fully operational system.
However, this form of system implementation split between multiple partners has significant disadvantages. The interface between process technology and system design, as well as the actual construction process, are sources of a whole range of problems and errors. When faced with today’s frequent requirement for very short implementation periods (time to market), the conventional method is also rather cumbersome and time-consuming.
With its modular construction process, Kramer & Best Anlagenbau GmbH want to generate a smart and innovative problem solution.



An essential feature of our business actions is to anticipate change and for us and all our employees to adapt accordingly. We see this constant change as an opportunity and work actively in shaping it. At Kramer & Best, business success means motivating employees to achieve company goals and giving them the freedom they need to contribute actively. Our successful management personnel have the necessary charisma to raise essential motivation levels amongst our staff. This expertise in leadership is promoted systematically, but also demanded. At Kramer & Best. leadership expertise also means being aware of the link between performance motivation and behaviour. Employee training and motivation are two crucial strategic competitive factors that mean we are well-placed in the market. We work with unwavering commitment and consistent service to ensure that you are satisfied. Social leadership competence is not just a job skill but a living part of Kramer & Best Anlagenbau GmbH.